Portrait Paintings

Portraiture represents my hearts desire for peace, joy and the fullness of life. I find myself in the inner essences of my subjects. I paint the head and shoulders, a half-length portrait, a full-length portrait, and all the various views of the face portraits. My present aim is to express the subtle essence of the sitter by discovering an ”inner significance.” I use landscapes and still life to inform my sensitivities.  I approach the areas listed below to accomplish my goal. 

  • Gesture or movement in the sitter and the sitter’s pose,
  • Atmospheric Light
  • Costume
  • Facial expression
  • The quality of paint application

 I work to open to the inner eye from the experience of a shared reality as a result of close detailed study of the other..

1) Hallie Stilwell - A portrait donated to the Hallie Stillwell museum in Big Bend Park…based on a series of photographic studies which I then combined to create a story reminiscent of Hallie’s life as a teacher in the desert of Big Bend.
oil on linen board,
11" x 14"

2)Terry, 2016. A portrait painted over a period of one month from a photo.

3) Justice D. Camille Dunn - A portrait commission presently housed at the Historic Courthouse in Houston, Texas. Based on a series of photographic studies combined to create an image containing memories from Judge Dunn’s life history

4) Attorney Joe Reynolds - A portrait commission donated to his wife, Suzie Reynolds, at his passing. He was a Sunday school teacher, an attorney in Houston, Texas, a WW2 veteran.

He was involved in building the Houston community through his service on educational boards at Baylor University and the public educational systems. Mr. Reynold’s portrait was based upon a series of photographic studies combined to create a complete historic image discovered by visual clues within his personal library.