Hero Classical Atelier

Classic Atelier Studies

I have invested in a collection of plaster art casts for study through drawing and painting as a means to simplify light in the artistic process.

This page represents( dark painted walls) the dedicated "drawing studies" area in my studio.  I have collected plaster art reproductions from the Caproni collection so that they are available to draw for anyone interested(at a small fee). This area is painted dark grey so that atmospheric reflective light is at a minimum.  Four light stands provide a simple and moveable light source.  There is a large modeling table for drawing/painting from life, 8 small stools, 8 tall stools, and 3 aluminum easels. This low light area also provides an interesting space to study chiaroscuro still lifes.  Drawing /painting in a darkened room is an experience I believe every artist should have.  The Gallery section on this page are examples of student work I completed while pursuing a classic realist education in art. I've been working in realist painting since 2005.

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